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1.    General

1.1  MarketOptions will open an account for the client upon the client's approval of this agreement and the receipt of the required identification documents.

1.2  This agreement takes precedence to any communication between the client and the company.

1.3  There will be no deviation from the provisions of this agreement unless the relevant parties agree for such deviation in writing.

1.4  The client may not omit any section in this agreement.

1.5  This agreement only applies to individuals that reached the age of 18 or are older.

1.6  For verification purposes, MarketOptions keeps records of all communication with clients.


2.    Declarations

2.1 The client is responsible for ensuring that this agreement abides by the laws of his/her residence.

2.2 The client is responsible for the trades that are executed from his/her account, including deposits and withdrawals.

2.3 The client is responsible for safeguarding his/her password so that only he/she is able to place orders, deposit and withdraw funds.

2.4 The client acknowledges that he is aware of the risks of trading binary options. The client is aware that some or all funds in his/her account could be lost as a consequence of trading.

2.5 The client declares that he has knowledge of the company's trading platforms. The client declares that entering this agreement without the appropriate knowledge of the company's trading platforms puts him/her at risk and MarketOptions is not liable for any losses that the client may incur as a result.

2.6 The client understands that in accordance with the financial market regulations, all MarketOptions subscribers must submit:

2.6.1 A colored copy of a photo-ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
2.6.2 A front and back copy of the credit card(s) used on your account, hiding the eight middle digits (e.g.1234-xxxx-xxxx-4321) and the CVV number.
2.6.3 Proof of address (utility bill, phone, etc.) no older than 6 months.


3.    Consultation and Responsibility

3.1  The company's website does not advice for or against trading binary options.

3.2  It is the client's responsibility to ensure that he complies with the relevant tax laws of his/her country of residence.

3.3  MarketOptions is not liable towards the client or third parties with regard to the use of information that was provided to the client by the company or another party.

3.4  The client is solely responsible for his/her trades and any potential losses that may occur as a result.

3.5  The client declares that he fully understands this agreement and its potential implications.


4.    Losses

4.1  The client's losses cannot exceed the funds in his/her account.


5.    Account Information

5.1  It is the client's right to browse through his account and view information regarding open and closed trades.

5.2  Upon the client's request, the company may provide with an electronic report regarding his/her trades.


6.    Payments

6.1 The client permits the company to deduct any taxes or fees from his account as deemed appropriate by legislation. The client will have no claim against the company as a result.

6.2 Deposits and withdrawals are visible as trades in the client's transaction history.

6.3 Withdrawals will be made upon request from the client and will comply with company procedures.

Withdrawals cannot be processed while positions are open.

6.4 Company is using several processing companies and banks in order to process credit card transactions, such as Welfis Management Limited located at 12 strymonos, apostolos antreas Limassol P.C.3067 Cyprus. 


7.     Partners

7.1 All individuals are responsible for an account that is owned by more than one individual. The company's communication with one partner will apply towards all other partners. A partner's notification or communication with the company will be considered as an order or notification by all partners. If more than one order is given by a partner, then the last one will bind all partners jointly towards the company.


8.    Agreement Termination

8.1  The agreement can be terminated by MarketOptions by notifying the client. Terminating an agreement subject to this provision is immediate.

8.2  The client's open orders will be closed by the client or the company by the date in which the agreement is terminated.

8.3  The client is unable to place orders from the date at which the agreement is terminated unless the company's permission is received.


9. Bonus
The company may offer bonuses to a client. The purpose of the bonus is to boost our client's profiting success by adding funds to their trading account.
Bonuses may be offered by the company via its website and partner sites, as well as electronically via email or telephone. Offering a bonus via these methods is considered sufficient as far as notifying the client is concerned. A client is considered to have accepted the bonus unless explicitly notifying the company of their unwillingness to receive the extra trading funds before they are distributed.
The bonus and the generated benefits can only be withdrawn once a trading volume of 40 times the bonus amount is reached (hereinafter: "the Trading Requirement”). 
A bonus is not transferable. This means that a bonus provided to one account cannot be transferred to another.
As we do not wish to restrict our customer’s accounts, they will be able to withdraw their initial deposit or part of it at any time. In such a case, if the Trading Requirement is not reached, the bonus amount, as well as any profits, will be forfeited and deducted from the current account balance. 

Should a client, under any circumstance be suspected of wrong doing or deception, MarketOptions reserves the right to cancel bonuses, promotions or benefits that have been provided or are expected to be provided to the specified trading account.

In the event of suspected fraud or fraudulent activity on your behalf, or if payments by you or on your behalf are charged back, MarketOptions retains the right to withhold from your account any amount that is in excess of your original deposit, and, if so deemed necessary by the Company, to initiate any legal proceedings to collect any payments owed by you, and at its sole discretion.

10.    Anti-Money Laundering

Marketoptions is required to comply with the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism global and international legislation. by applying for an account with Marketoptionsyou agree to the following terms:

- You are not aware and have no reason to suspect that the money used to fund your account with Marketoptions has been or will be derived from or related to any money laundering or criminal activity.
- You agree to provide us with all information and documents that we reasonably request in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to anti-money laundering.
- It is not to allow the transfer of funds between different entities.
- Withdrawals must be made to the same bank account the money was deposited from (to prevent money transfer between different entities' bank accounts, through Marketoptions), and in the same currency (to prevent currency changes through Marketoptions).
- If the original account is no longer available, funds may be transferred to a different account of the same entity (you will need to get a copy of a check or other instrument proving the new account ownership), in the same currency and into the same country the original deposit was made from.
- One can NOT deposit from a company he owns - to his personal trading account, and vice-versa.
- One cannot get deposits from his brother/mother/other relative bank account; unless that relative joins the trading account (signs the trader agreement).


The operation of the company's trading platforms is based on factors that are not under its complete control. Thus, the company does not take responsibility of any disruption or halt in its trading platforms. In addition, the company does not take responsibility for the potential consequences of a disruption or halt of its trading activities.

Last Update On: 06/05/2014

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